George Jones’ “Just One More” Is On Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox


Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox

Biggest Influence on My Music – The jukebox. I lived beside jukeboxes all through the fifties. … I never knew who was singing. I never followed things that way. I still don’t. I wasn’t a student of music; I was a student of the restaurant I was in — and the waitresses. The music was a part of it. I knew what number the song was.

– Leonard Cohen (Yakety Yak by Scott Cohen, 1994)

Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox: Over the years, Leonard Cohen has mentioned a number of specific songs he favors. Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox is a Cohencentric feature that began collecting these tunes for the edification and entertainment of viewers on April 4, 2009. All posts in the Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox series can be found at The Original Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox Page.


“Just One More” By George Jones


Released in 1956, “Just One More” was a track on the George Jones Sings 14 Top Country Favorites album.

I was alerted to That Leonard Cohen considered it a favorite by this insert from the other Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox.1

geo jones just one more

Video:  George Jones – Just One More

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  1. The Heck Of A Guy Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox series, which began April 4, 2009, and the Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox CD released March 9, 2010 on the United States Of Dist./Ka label are not affiliated or associated in any way. []

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