Leonard Cohen Photos By Guido Harari – Milano 1975


From photographer Guido Harari:

I took this portrait of Leonard Cohen [dislayed below] in the spring of 1975 in Milano, at the Hotel Principe di Savoia. Cohen arrived in Milan to promote the Italian edition of his novel “The Favorite Game” and had performed a few songs for selected press and VIPs the night before. He gave me a half hour in his hotel room. Conversation was minimal, I was in awe as I was just starting out as a photographer but he was nice and went as far as posing in some of the shots with bare torso! Somehow Italian CBS (now Sony) used this portrait for the cover of the “True Love Leaves No Traces” single. Cohen gave me his Hydra address, so that I could send him the pics, which I never did because a week later I left for my military service. A year later I was a free man in London and via CBS I touched base with Avril Giaccobi, his friend and business partner, who secured me with a backstage pass for Cohen’s concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

On the evening of the concert I was in the same tiny dressing room which you can see in Dylan’s “Don’t Look Back” film. Cohen welcomed none other than Roger Waters who watched the whole concert from the wings. I got to shoot the whole performance but don’t remember taking any backstage shots. All I remember is the atmosphere was very relaxed as it would always be on the numerous occasions I had to shoot Cohen in later years.



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  1. Simon Veaney

    Is this the same photoshoot as the ‘Best of Leonard Cohen’ yellow and brown cover? The mirror in the background looks the same. I love that photo.