Hear Previously Unreleased Leonard Cohen Interview – Israel 1972


Leonard Cohen -1972

This GLZ radio recording appears to be from April 1972 when Leonard Cohenwas touring in Israel. Unfortunately, the questions from the interview no longer exist, but Avi Elkoni has edited together Leonard’s answers, which were originally interspersed around album tracks. Even without the questions it is an interesting, good quality interview, covering his student days, Montreal, Greece, poetry and touring

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Avi Elkoni, who edited the interview, & Ruth Pietroni, who uploaded it to YouTube.

Part 1

Part 2

One Reply to “Hear Previously Unreleased Leonard Cohen Interview – Israel 1972”

  1. Gerard Baars

    What Leonard is saying is liberating me as a poet and writer. All my life I’ve been told I’m a rational, numeric person so I must be a scientist. I was one and enjoyed parts of it, but mostly it was boring. I only did it to care for my family. But when I was retrenched without a say so, I fell into a terrible depression. I finally found Christianity and through that spirituality. And through the likes of Leonard, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, etc I have found that true spirituality transcends religious or other artificial borders. Now in my baby boom retirement I am finding new purpose. The rise of the so called Alt-Right and the demise of neo-liberalism, presents us with both a challenge and an opportunity to do something for those more damaged than ourselves. Leonard’s passing is going to spark a real groundswell of freedom. The freedom to help each other, embrace whoever we want, without the artificial barriers of race, sex, religion, etc. It may take a hard fight, but we have the courage of togetherness to sustain us. And our children unlike the ‘in-betweenies’ have been through the mill and will join and probably lead us.