Wayne Liquorman On Leonard Cohen, Advaita, Mumbai, & Ramesh Balsekar

In 1997 a man began attending the Talks I gave in my home about Advaita (non-dualism). He was silent at first but after a few visits began to ask questions. He stood out because he was in the habit of leaving $100 bills in the donation basket and because he was so utterly and profoundly sad! In fact, I commented to my wife, ‘I think that guy is the saddest person I ever met!’ Eventually someone told me he was a musician named Leonard Cohen and that he had just come down from living in a Zen Monastary in the mountains.quotedown2

Wayne Liquorman


This is the opening of a poignant account by Wayne Liquorman of his interaction with Leonard Cohen just before and during Leonard’s sojourn in India with Ramesh Balsekar. Read the entire piece at Message From Wayne (Advaita Fellowship Newsletter: Nov 22, 2016)

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Joel Singer, who alerted me to this account.