“Well, what can you say except that [the Leonard Cohen Columbus show] was one of the greatest concerts I have ever experienced”


Well, what can you say except that it was one of the greatest concerts I have ever experienced, let alone the best of the year: Leonard Cohen at the Palace Theatre this past October. First, the sound quality. Amazing. Every syllable, every lyrical nuance, everything was nearly as perfect as could be. Or maybe, just maybe, the show really was perfect. This Cohen fellow, he’s in real life some sort of registered, karma-toting, certified Zen monk, so perhaps we saw actual perfection—something that, say, the Eagles could never hope to achieve. As a cosmic Jew, Cohen has more soul and charisma than any 10 Tin Pan Alley-types and more than quadruple what that other cosmic Jew, Bob Dylanquotedown2


MAJOR MINOR: Did the year’s best concert attain perfection? By John Petric, The Other Paper, Columbus, Ohio. Update: Article no longer online. Credit Due Department: Photo by M—–l Note: Originally posted December 30, 2009 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric