Photo: Leonard Cohen: “I left my suit home in honor of this occasion” – “My first concert ever” Hartford 1970


Interviewer: “You did a concert in Connecticut and you walked out in this long trench coat and jeans and said ”I left my suit home in honor of this occasion’”

Leonard Cohen: “That was my first concert ever. I remember it. It was Hartford, Connecticut. You’re right. The trench coat and everything.”

Less than two weeks after posting the above photo, one of four included at Historic Images: Only Known Photos From Hartford Concert That Opened 1970 Leonard Cohen Tour, I serendipitously discovered this reference to that occasion. The quote is from Life On The Ledge With Leonard Cohen by Jon Marlowe. The Miami News: Nov 9, 1977

Note: Originally posted Sept 6, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric