Listen To 1993 Leonard Cohen Zurich Concert Online

numerisation_20170105-5The Presence is one of at least nine bootlegs made from the FM broadcast of the 1993 Zurich show. This is a high quality audio recording.

Leonard Cohen |The Presence| Unofficial Release
Zurich: 1993
Uploaded by Joao Miguel Figueiredo Silva



01. Dance Me To The End Of Love
02. The Future
03. Ain’t No Cure For Love
04. Bird On The Wire
05. Everybody Knows
06. Anthem
07. First We Take Manhattan
08. Avalanche
09. Chelsea Hotel
10. Tower Of Song
11. Democracy

01. Waiting For The Miracle
02. I’m Your Man
03. Joan Of Arc
04. Closing Time
05. Take This Waltz
06. Sisters Of Mercy
07. Hallelujah
08. I Tried To Leave You
09. So long, Marianne


Credit Due Department: Thanks to Jo Meul, who alerted me to this video and to Dominique BOILE, who provided the scans of The Presence bootleg.