Stellar Video: Leonard Cohen’s Full French TV Performance – Lover, Lover, Lover 1976

loverloverAnd may the spirit of this song
May it rise up pure and free
May it be a shield for you
A shield against the enemy


‘Lover, Lover, Lover’ was born over there; the whole world has its eyes riveted on this tragic and complex conflict. Then again, I am faithful to certain ideas, inevitably. I hope that those of which I am in favour will gain.1quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

These words by Leonard Cohen reference the 1973 Yom Kippur War

bkup56Jo Meul alerts us to a improved version of Leonard Cohen singing Lover Lover Lover on French TV in 1976. An already outstanding video, which has been available for some time, is now stellar: the annoying subtitles are gone and, more importantly, the length is more than doubled.  It’s a gem.

Leonard Cohen – Lover Lover Lover
With Laura Branigan and Cheryl Barnes
Le Grand Echiquier on French TV: May 27, 19762

The 1976 Tour musicians follow:

  • Laura Branigan and Cheryl Barnes – backup singers
  • Sid McGinnes – guitar
  • Johnny Miller – bass
  • Fred Thaylor – keyboards
  • Luther Rix – drums


  1. “I’m Just A Minor Poet” By Gilles Medioni. L’Express, France, October 4, 2001. Found at Leonard Cohen French Web Site. []
  2. Le Grand Echiquier was a live tribute program presented by Jacques Chancel and dedicated to Charles Aznavour, featuring Bird on The Wire, Lover Lover Lover, and Suzanne. Source: Diamonds in the Mine []

3 Replies to “Stellar Video: Leonard Cohen’s Full French TV Performance – Lover, Lover, Lover 1976”

  1. Alexandre

    Thanks for this beautiful video. he says in french “I wrote this song for the people of Egypt and Israël during the time of the Sinaï war”

  2. Alexandra

    Thanks for finding such splendid concert segments for us to delight in. I love the line about the song being a shield; a true and wonderful way to face the daily challenges. We do need a shield sometimes when being open amongst the chaotic conditional World, but always loved in spirit. The effort u put into this page is much appreciated, remInding his fans of the dynamic moments of his incredible career. What a Handsome Man! What a legacy!

    Cheers Leonard Clan!