How DrHGuy First Connected With Leonard Cohen: 1. Anjani – A Muse Amused?


Update (2017): Introduction

Some newly minted fans have asked how l first came to meet Leonard Cohen. Now, multiple “Leonard & me” narratives have been published recently featuring folks who performed or collaborated with him, those who interviewed or photographed the Canadian singer-songwriter only to subsequently realize they had bonded into intimate associates, others who met him by sheer serendipity, and still others who came into Leonard’s sphere of grace because of family connections, geographical proximity, mutual sexual attraction, overlapping friendships, or shared involvement in music, Judaism, poetry, food, literature, Zen … My story is less intellectually/spiritually profound than, say, accounts of spending hours sipping coffee and smoking exotic tobaccos while debating Kabbalistic archetypes with Leonard, but it does have the merit of being unique.

It begins with my July 25, 2006 1HeckOfAGuy.com1 review of the Leonard Cohen – Anjani Thomas collaboration, Blue Alert. The next step is described in the Aug 8, 2006 followup entry I’ve reposted below:

Anjani Re DrHGuy: Jejune, Yet Not Without A Certain Charm

This Sunday past, the Heck Of A Guy Blog had an unexpected, but unquestionably welcome, visitor, who left, as a calling card, a comment on Music Recommendation That Will Make You Want To Kiss Me.

Go ahead, check it out at the bottom of that post; I know you’re curious about who it is. I’ll wait here, humming along with the Jeopardy tune that plays while each contestant scrawled his or her “Final Jeopardy” answer, in the form of a question.

Cool comment, eh?

And, take a look this screenshot of the Press page of the Blue Alert web site:

presskiss500OK, before I get the emails and comments informing me that, as that New Yorker cartoon has it, “on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog,” I am all too aware that that the comment could have actually been written by a large, malodorous, unshaven, chain smoking publicist’s assistant of indeterminate gender paid scarcely more than a living wage to reinforce and influence impressionable bloggers who write positive reviews of Anjani’s music. But, you know what? I don’t think Anjani rolls that way.

In any case, I’m certainly choosing to believe otherwise.

In fact, I think if I had handled things differently, …

Where I Might Have Gone Wrong

After re-reading my review of Blue Alert, I recognize that it may have been well put yet off-putting and that, despite my enthusiasm for her music, I might have constructed a more seductive post.

I now realize, for example, that labeling one section, “Lenny & Anji,” could be considered, at least by the more staid sort, as a tad presumptuous – or even flippant. Further, I would admit that comparing my serendipitous discovery of the Blue Alert album to the blind date that led to the catastrophe known as my first marriage was not an altogether ideal association.

OK, even though it was meant only as good-natured kidding, it may have been over the top, snarkicity-wise, to write,

… I was only looking for a good time, not a long term relationship. But, hey, she was hanging out with Leonard Cohen so she was probably into that sort of thing, right?

And, in some circles, I suppose, publicly sharing my vision of a foursome featuring Anjani, Tanita Tikaram, Holly Cole, et moi in the post’s introduction could bespeak a certain intemperance and puerility. (Thank goodness, I didn’t have time to go into detail about the specialized equipment featured in those images; impertinence can have its appeal but perversity seems better introduced on the second or even the third date. )

How It Went Down

After an exhaustive survey of the possible sequences of events, factoring in my array of information about Anjani and Leonard Cohen as well as my knowledge and experience as a hot shot psychiatrist, it’s clear to me that the only likely scenario that is consistent with … well, with my narcissistic fantasy is that, upon reading my post, Anjani was instantly infatuated with me, spent anguished days weighing her options, discussed her struggle with Leonard (who initially looked upon on her crush on me with a baleful eye but came to display a bemused perspective about Anjani’s newly directed affections and a begrudging respect for me, influenced in part by his reading of my post, The Best Leonard Cohen Song You’ve (Probably) Never Heard) and finally decided that, tragically, as a musician and as Leonard’s main muse, she owed too much to the music world to pursue her yearnings for me.

That is, of course, the message carefully encoded between the lines of her comment.2

Oh, I almost forgot. She was also totally turned on by the notion of the foursome and wondered how I would feel about mixing and matching with Tina Turner and Joan Jett (as it turns out, I would have been down with that).

It’s my blog, and I’ll confabulate if I want to.

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  1. was a predecessor of Cohencentric []
  2. A minor implication of this erotically-charged hypothesis is that the title of this post should be “A Muse Aroused” rather than “A Muse Amused” but I’m a sucker for wordplay and, besides, a smidge of humility befits the situation. Doesn’t it? No, you’re right, it’s just the wordplay thing. []

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