How DrHGuy First Connected With Leonard Cohen: 2. Anjani Sends DrHGuy Pandoracious Response


Update (2017): Introduction

This is the second in a set of 1HeckOfAGuy1 entries that I am reposting in response to some newly minted fans asking how l first came to meet Leonard Cohen:



The content below was originally published Aug 16, 2006.

Anjani Writes Again

Flaunting her perspicacity, a reader, Mrs. Linklater, presciently posed this rhetorical question after perusing my post, Anjani – A Muse Amused?, which was itself written in response to the appearance of a comment by Anjani to a still earlier post I wrote lauding her album, Blue Alert:

Why does this all make me think of Pandora’s Box, as it were?

I’ll leave it to you, gentle reader, to supply your own rhetorical interpretation of and answer to Mrs. L’s query, but it does appear that the story isn’t over.

DrHGuy Promoted To Rascally Scamp

The latest episode in this mini-series has arrived in the form of this comment from Anjani appended to Anjani: A Muse Amused?

Dear HGuy,

I write regarding a number of points:

1. As a fellow proponent of proper syntax and spelling, kindly correct the typo in that comment from “my” to “me”

2. The Contact and Subscribe tabs at the top of the page don’t lead anywhere but home.

3. You rascally scamp! Never would I consider a fourway with Tina and Joan Jett…however, Tina and Tanita remain an intriguing possibility.

Yours Truly,

Comment by anjani — August 12, 2006 @ 6:08 pm

To Recap: Anjani and DrHGuy

Anjani Thomas is an altogether impressive singer-songwriter, whose album, Blue Alert, has garnered critical acclaim and a growing audience. It has also become my personal soundtrack since I belatedly discovered it three weeks ago. The songs from Blue Alert, suffused with Anjani’s smoky voice, are simultaneously a seduction into and a requiem for love that the singer unflinchingly and, indeed, passionately advocates all the while acknowledging that love is, in the end, not only insufficient to rescue us from the human condition but is also itself a source of pain.

And, it must be said, or, at any rate, I’m certainly going to say it, Anjani is easy on the eyes.

My primary occupation these days, on the other hand, is dashing off posts on the decantation of ketchup, recipes for chocolate infused vodka, hacks for opening combination locks, the styles of bloggers in Ohio and Australia, the Gay Games Rowing Matches in Crystal Lake, and, on occasion, my admiration for and fantasies about gorgeous women who sing tremendous songs.

And my looks are, if not a burden on the the eyes, an acquired taste.

DrHGuy & Anjani Up In A Tree – OK, Up Two Different Trees

Then Anjani not only reads my review but responds with a couple of comments that could cause some men, one suspects, to succumb to a no longer master of ones domain situation:2 After all, this is a woman who sings such provocative Leonard Cohen lines as the following:

Visions of her drawing near
Arise, abide, and disappear
You try to slow it down; it doesn’t work
It’s just another night I guess
All tangled up in nakedness
You even touch yourself
You’re such a flirt
Blue Alert

I fully realize that a few lines in the comments section of a blog hardly constitutes a resurrection of the epistolary novel. But, let’s put this in context. I recently wrote some very nice things about Dr. Demento, but does he drop me a line or ring me? Not a chance. And did whispering those sweet nothings about Neil Diamond, The Monkees, Nancy Sinatra, and, God forgive me, Britney Spears get me even a susurration in return? Not a sound. Has Dana Lyons sent an e-moo after I named his Cows With Guns the best novelty song of all time? I haven’t herd a thing. And, I must admit, I’m a tad disappointed that Leonard Cohen, whom I have repeatedly promoted and financially supported in the retail marketplace, has, like Dr. Demento and the rest, not seen fit to zap a message my way or at least add a line or two of greeting to one of Anjani’s notes. How hard would it be for him to tell Anjani, “Hey, next time you write DrHGuy, tell him Lenny says ‘Howdy?’”

In fact, my overall experience with important or famous people is not encouraging. The sum and substance of my interactions with celebrities (using the most expansive definitions of “interactions” and “celebrities”) consist of

  1. While riding in an elevator of the Maui Hyatt alone with Chevy Chase. I ventured a pun that he, drawing deeply from his spiritual core as well as his repertoire of acting skills, politely acknowledged, flashing what might have been a semi-snicker.
  2. With about 25 others, I shared a first class cabin on a midnight flight from LAX to Chicago with Stevie Wonder. He sang the departure notification, “I just called to say we’re departing, … . “ No kidding.
  3. Also at the Maui Hyatt, the year Diet Coke was introduced, Coca-Cola took over the resort for their sales meeting and to keep the other guests happy despite the hassles inherent in sharing the grounds with several hundred folks from the Coca-Cola sales division, provided freebie bars and other accommodations. Julie and a friend discovered the CEO of Coca-Cola was staying on the same floor of the hotel as we were, and after a session at the open bar, determined that nothing would do but to serenade Coke’s CEO with their rendition of “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke,” which they proceeded to do at the door of his suite. He was incredibly gracious. My contribution was that I didn’t disavow Julie or deny that she was my wife.

Further, Anjani writes back in a manner sure to appeal to me (OK, anything from her short of “Drop dead, jerk” would be likely to appeal to me, but you know what I mean):

  • Note that she drops the honorific, opting for the more intimate HGuy rather than DrHGuy. Can the use of an affectionately tinged “H” be far behind? And, as we all know, from “H” it’s only a short step down a slippery slope to Hunka Hunka Burning Love.
  • She requests a small edit, noting her preoccupation, congruent with my own, for syntax and spelling. Be still, my heart.
  • And, by the content and tone of her 3rd remark, I believe we can surmise that, as the lyrics of the title track of Blue Alert would have it,
    She breaks the rules so you can see
    She’s wilder than you’ll ever be

Or, as Spike Lee’s eloquent and subtle movie title phrased it, She’s Gotta Have It.

Let’s see, is there anything else? Well, she’s from Hawaii and, should her pipes fail her, she can always fall back on her training as a hula dancer. That’s security. She wears size 9.5 shoes.3 When asked, “What does the word “Style” mean to you?” she answers “Discomfort and anxiety,”4 so we have that in common. And, her response to “What is your favourite travel destination?” is “Bed.”5 Again, we’re in sync.

That’s about it. It seems as though I’m forgetting something …

Oh yeah, I suppose some folks might find it kinda, sorta interesting that she happens to be in an ongoing professional and romantic relationship with an older man, Leonard Cohen – an artist I have openly and immoderately admired throughout my adult years.

Pretty heady stuff for a kid from the Ozarks – or Thebes.

More To Come


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