How DrHGuy First Connected With Leonard Cohen: The 2009 Beacon Theatre Show Detour



You will never untangle the circumstances that brought you to this moment. Embrace your fate.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen,
quoting from Bhagavad Gita1

This is the fifth entry I am posting (or reposting) in response to questions about how l first became involved with Leonard Cohen:



In the journey of destiny that led to me spending much of the past decade posting breaking news, scholarly analyses, frivolous japery, performance videos, concert set lists, bootleg collections, animations, and more – all dealing with Leonard Cohen, there is a detour. And, as is the case with most modern journeys of destiny, that detour goes through New York.

Once this scenic route diversion is documented, we’ll return for the kinda sorta thrilling Leonard Cohen Meets DrHGuy conclusion.

Payola – And About Time

As we ended our last episode, my son’s recovery near-catastrophic injury and the death of the woman in my life in mid-2008 had reduced my blogging to a desultory level although the Leonard Cohen World Tour, which also began in 2008 was receiving massive approbation from critics and fans alike. I still heard from both Leonard Cohen and Anjani Thomas, but my attention was elsewhere.

Then, Leonard and Anjani invited me to the Feb 19, 2009 Beacon Theatre concert, the first time the Canadian singer-songwriter had appeared in the US in 15 years, proffering a comped ticket.2

Tales Of The 2009 Leonard Cohen Beacon Theatre Show

The first Leonard Cohen concert I attended was the Feb 19, 2009 show at the Beacon Theatre in New York. The concert itself was outstanding, and I also had a non-musical experience or two worth sharing.

One of these episodes has been posted: The Girl With The Leonard Cohen Tattoo. If you haven’t seen this entry, it is, if I say so myself, a worthwhile read.

Viewers may also be interested in Best Bootlegs – The February 19, 2009 Leonard Cohen Beacon Theatre Concert

“The Great Event,” as Leonard might term it, is The Half-Sister Of Mercy, Leonard Cohen, & Me,” the next post in this series.



  1. From Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man, the 2005 documentary []
  2. Which is how I ended up at the concert inevitably promoted via the Take The Manhattan Title Entitlement.


    I.e, Headlines about the show featured Leonard Cohen’s title, “First We Take Manhattan” with a word addition or change to end up with something like “Leonard Cohen Takes Manhattan,” offering this quickie reference to the municipality where the concert takes place rather than an interesting, enticing, or informative title. Is that the best Variety, Rolling Stone, The Daily Press (Ontario), The National Post, (The National Post story was also republished with the same title,  “Leonard Cohen Takes Manhattan, Again” in other sources such as USA Today and Yahoo News)  Paste Magazine, and The Edmonton Sun can come up with in the way of creative titles? After all, it’s not like the days of fixed typefaces when the titles of articles had to not only reflect the content but also be the right size for the allotted restricted space measured in picas, points, and ems so a phrase that fit the content and the space might be reused many times. []