Meeting Leonard Cohen, Or As Marc Altheim Puts It “Leonard Cohen & Me – OMG”

marc-altheimMarc Altheim emailed me (and, I suspect, everyone in his address book) about his Leonard Cohen encounter in Amsterdam, where he and his wife traveled to see, among other sights, the Sept 20, 2013  Leonard Cohen concert. Marc’s message also included these tidbits:

  • I was shaking when we first met.
  • He is such a gentleman.
  • Mystic!
  • Surreal.
  • When we took the picture he actually hugged tightly.  He was into it.   We had some brief chit chat.  We spoke of meditating and the synagogue in Amsterdam.  I wished him Happy Sukkah.  When I left he said Z’ gesundt (sic)!

Note: Originally posted Sept 19, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric