Songs Of Leonard Cohen #2 On Uncut’s 50 Best Singer-Songwriter Albums


2. Leonard Cohen
Songs Of Leonard Cohen
(Columbia, 1967)

A key album for any singer-songwriter intent on turning real life experiences into song, Cohen’s debut is scattered with names, places and events explicitly drawn from his first 33 years. “Suzanne” recalls his ritualistic – and platonic – meetings in Montreal with Suzanne Verdal, while the titular woman of “So Long, Marianne” is Marianne Jensen, his lover and muse for much of the ’60s. “Sisters Of Mercy”, which dramatises a night spent with two women in an Edmonton hotel room, is the first of countless Cohen songs seeking spiritual salvation from a sensual encounter. His songs turned inward to much darker effect on Songs Of Love And Hate, but his debut album set the standard.

Uncut’s 50 Best Singer-Songwriter Albums by Tom Pinnock (Uncut: June 12, 2015)

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  1. Glenn Delaney

    I was fortunate in that I met his work when I was ready to meet his work. It just seemed to ring such bells loud in my head. Here at last was what I had been searching for. Someone to articulate my innermost feelings. Thank you Leonard for being my soul’s inspiration.