6 Replies to “Solving The Mystery Of Leonard Cohen’s Disappearing Ring”

  1. Babet & Oscar

    Upto now I always thought that I was the only one who wondert about the appearance and disappearance of the ring!

  2. Joyce Stenson

    Good Evening HeckofaNiceGuy,
    Thank you for the respectful page and posts.
    I would like to offer and additional solution for the ring’s wanderings. To be sure rings can be a distraction, even a hindrance for a guitar player, so I think Maarten has a great point.
    Bands develope their own unique intra-group communication system usually from the front man to the band then the tech people . In the past someone pointed out that when Cohen took a knee and put a hand behind the back it was a signal.
    I had considered the disappearance of the ring after the first four numbers as a signal possibly regarding the set list being adjusted to the house. More energy here, smoother here, quieter. Or maybe a heads up from Cohen so that the musicians would be listening to his spoken voice for instruction. Or maybe the tech person handing Cohen’s guitar to him picked up a cue from the removal of the ring.
    On the level Cohen’s family worked it would not take much of a signal to get their attention. The removal of a ring is purposeful, subtle.
    Cohen was so very planned and minutely rehearsed. Much has been written and posted about this facet of his presentation. When you see him talking to the musicians and giving them their due, that too is defined, focused and known beforehand.
    Intriguing and practical posts to follow I am sure. One quest remains: how does a person acquire a ring with umm, provenance?

  3. Lesley Cooke

    Yes I thought I was the only one that noticed! It happened during his appearance in Istanbul in 2012.