Leonard Cohen’s Saints Bracelet(s)

Leonard Cohen: Oakland March 2, 2013 (Photo by Art Siegel)

Leonard Cohen: Oakland March 2, 2013 (Photo by Art Siegel)

The recent interest in Leonard Cohen’s prompts this post about Saints Bracelet Mr Cohen was first observed wearing on his right wrist at the July 25, 2010 Zagreb concert (see screenshot below).


The accoutrement features pictures of Jesus and a selection of Catholic saints mounted on rectangular or round wooden, metal, or ceramic pieces. At the time, a LeonardCohenForum post by mnkyface notes the similarity of the bracelet worn by Cohen for the first time at the Zagreb concert to a bracelet of Catholic saints such as the one shown below.


Saints Bracelet Or Saints Bracelets?

In a comment to a 2011 1HeckOfAGuy.com post, Majmunka accurately pointed out that

… there are more than one saints bracelets. The one in Oviedo and on the first reference photo has black and white oval shaped pictures. The one spotted many times during the tour (the one on the tour video screenshot) has rectangle shaped colour pictures. (I used the latter as a reference for designing my own bracelet with photos of “my own saints” – the Unified Heart Touring Co. Band)

The bracelet is especially well displayed on the cover photo of Harvey Kubernik’s Everybody Knows.


And one can be spotted on the cover art of the Old Ideas album.


Saints Bracelets are easy to find on many online sites and can be purchased for a few dollars.

For another Catholic-themed item of jewelry worn by Leonard Cohen, see Leonard Cohen And The Duchess Admire Each Other’s Unified Heart & Saint Kateri Jewelry

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  1. Wendy

    Didn’t Adam say something like his father bought handfuls of these bracelets from dollar stores and handed them out to his family and friends?