Video By Dominique Issermann: “Moments of” Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas


Leonard Cohen’s Music – Dominique Issermann’s Images

This video is a sequence of vignettes, all shot and directed by Dominique Issermann on her iPhone, for  eight of the songs on the Old Ideas album. These range from slideshows of Leonard Cohen photographs taken by Issermann to video sequences over which Leonard Cohen sings but in which he does not appear. The vignettes themselves are in black and white although the title inserts are in color.

There is, as well, the occasional product placement.


This video is also available on  the Leonard Cohen iPhone app and was discussed in the Leonard Cohen – There Once Was An App For That: Review Of The 2012 Leonard Cohen iPhone App/

Leonard Cohen “Moments of” Old Ideas
By Dominique Issermann


Note: Originally posted Aug 30, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

7 Replies to “Video By Dominique Issermann: “Moments of” Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas”

  1. Hal E. Lujah

    Thanks for posting this; I am gearing up to see the shows in NY in the Fall. I have a query and can’t find where to post it so I do so herein. He is performing ‘I Can’t Forget’ these days. Does anyone know when the last time was that he performed this particular song in concert? It is an old song, which did not receive much attention, very unfairly I think, and I have a personal interest in it.

    1. DrHGuy Post author

      I Can’t Forget was often played in 1988 and 1993. It was an early version of Born In Chains

  2. Hal

    Thanks, Dr. H,
    I never heard of this Born in Chains; where is this? In any event, he has not performed the song since 1993? It is a favorite of mine, very special, in that it speaks of an important memory which cannot quite be remembered; reminiscent of Self-seeing, very profound sentiment expressed.

      1. Hal Lujah

        Dr. H-of-Guy:

        Thanks for all the help. I had not known that Can’t Forget was incidental to Born in Chains. He had to keep his integrity and write the truth, thus B in C had to wait. The two songs have quite different essences, though sharing a similar melody and chord structure. Incidentally, that’s why I hate all covers of LC songs, in that they change the totality of it; that changes the sensibility. Just compare LC’s version of Can’t Forget to what was on that tribute album. I can’t think of a song that does this so well, tries to get at the memory of something ineffable yet extremely compelling. I told him that it expresses for me the fairly common problem of having had a spiritual insight, which then vanishes, yet leaves an un-rememberable memory and unforgettable somewhat…There is only one song it reminds me of, which is McArthur Park, which expresses it in a more dramatic way. LC is so understated, so hinted-at, one’s imagination has to provide the content, as the images given are just so bare.