Leonard Cohen Responds To Photo Caption By The Duchess

[ennyixfReaders may recall Cohencentric’s 2015 Leonard Cohen Photo Caption Contest, which began with the instructional post, Write A Funny Caption For This Photo, Win A Print Of It Autographed By Leonard Cohen. While The Duchess (aka Penny Showalter) wasn’t eligible to win that competition, Leonard liked her submission well enough to send her the much-prized inscribed photo shown above.

For the record, Renik Van den Eynde of Mechelen, Belgium sent in the winning entry shown below.

lonelyhankAnd, for his efforts, received this 8X10 photo autographed by Leonard.

renikprize2A special thanks goes to Kezban Özcan, Leonard Cohen’s personal assistant, who not only took the original photo but also supported the notion of the caption contest and facilitated the logistics.

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