Video: Leonard Cohen 2013 Birthday Serenade (aka Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen – OMG!)


While it lacks the grandeur of, say, the Amsterdam concert audience singing Happy Birthday to Leonard Cohen, Marc Altheim’s five second video of his spontaneous natal day serenade to the Canadian singer-songwriter (Altheim’s stunning sequel to his still life, Leonard Cohen & Me – OMG)  does convey a certain charm.

The auteur’s description follows:

After the [2013 Amsterdam] show we waited in the lobby to see if he would return. Waited 30 minutes. No Leonard. Went to get a waffle. Came back to lobby. Within 5 minutes he arrives! Me, Hope and three women (Ingrid, Margarite and one other) who are Cohen groupies see him and sing Happy B day to him in lobby of hotel He is tired but gracious and thankful for the birthday wishes and he is now 79. He comes over to us. I shake his hand chat for 30 seconds. The women give him gifts and then he goes to his room! What a gentleman.

Thereafter I meet the Webb sisters. How nice are they! And so pretty. The whole LC crew is so nice and polite and talented!

How wild is that? Nuts!

Note: Originally posted September 23, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric