2013 Leonard Cohen New Orleans Concert: “Spirituality, sex, wit and a staggering legacy” aka Another Day At The Tower Of Song Office


Leonard Cohen & Troupe Viewed From Mahalia Jackson Theater Balcony – New Orleans 2013

Leonard Cohen’s first-ever New Orleans concert Thursday night was, I think most would agree, transcendent; over the course of nearly three hours and a satisfying number of familiar songs, he and his band hit the mark of reverence, humor, ribaldry and general intimacy with the nearly sold-out theater even while battling a well-publicized group flu.

Opening paragraph of Spirituality, sex, wit and a staggering legacy: Leonard Cohen at the Mahalia Jackson Theater by Alison Fensterstock. The Times-Picayune: March 29, 2013. Full report and photo gallery (photos by Erika Goldring) at link.

Roscoe Beck “Down For The Count”

According to this on-the-scene report, Roscoe Beck, the 2013 Leonard Cohen Tor Musical Director, was stricken with an exacerbation of flu symptoms during the encores at the New Orleans concert last night (March 28, 2013). The photo & the following text are by Joey Carenza:


Down for the Count: Roscoe Beck flat on the deck with what appears to be a nasty bit of stomach flu. The band is going to have to scramble to keep the encores coming.

Better Out Than In: Well, that’s my stance and I’m sticking near it. Roscoe is looking better, fluids dripping and then back to hotel. Pretty bog standard food poisoning it seems. Hey, it happens.

Credit Due Department: Photo atop post by John Rigney,  Originally posted Mar 29, 2013 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

3 Replies to “2013 Leonard Cohen New Orleans Concert: “Spirituality, sex, wit and a staggering legacy” aka Another Day At The Tower Of Song Office”


    The man is a legend and inspirational heart warming down to the soul. I took my best friend with me to the concert and she was really excited about “Leonard’s” performance and also the other musicians. The show was great and Leonard Cohen was amazing humbling on stage.awesome.!!

  2. Richard C Teissier

    The younger bands of the world, come to think of it all bands, could learn a thing about loving your audience and what they mean to an artist’s living and stature. Mr. Cohen is a throw back with a conscience. Dead traits in a world of pyrotechnics. His naked soul provided everything and more. Seminal, thought provoking and beautiful. Maybe, it takes an eighty year old to grasp the concept of art.

  3. Nancy Vega

    You are so right! An amazing,
    Incredible heartwarming show.
    It will be etched in my memory.
    The band was fabulous together.
    The music was inspiring to both
    Younger & older fans.
    Met some great die hard fans.