Creation & Destruction: Guided By The Beauty Of Leonard Cohen’s Weapons


Note: The English translation of the cover headings on the Dec 21, 2001 DJBFA Magazine.follows:

Creation and Destruction
The Sleeping Angels1
Sugar Glaze Upon The Bitter Lemon Drops Of Life

Introduction By DrHGuy

Thinking (correctly), I would be interested, John Buckley McQuaid sent me an English translation of Creation and Destruction, originally written in 2001 by Pia Raug for the December edition of Danish Composers’ Organization (DJBFA) Magazine. John then put me in touch with Pia, who explained.

The title “Creation and Destruction” of course is/was connected to the collision between my position back then as an elected spokeswoman for the Creative Community of Music and the signs of ultimate Destruction still smouldering further down Manhattan. Thus the quote from Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg’s grand poem “For the Young” – written in the wake of the out brake of the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Grieg himself was shot by the Nazis in Berlin 1943. His song/hymn with music composed by a Danish composer back in 1952 has become a unifier between all the people of the Nordic countries who dare believe in and fight for peace even when destruction hits and hope needs constant reassurance.

I was impressed by the essay and especially taken with the recurrent motif featuring the author’s search for and discoveries of traces of Leonard Cohen. I have edited Pia’s own English translation, primarily to produce a colloquial English version that, one hopes, is easily accessible to readers.

Creation And Destruction By Pia Raug

First published (in Danish) in DJBFA Magazine (Dec 2001); Posted here in English translation by Pia Raug, edited by Allan Showalter

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Pia Raug


Pia Raug has been a singer-songwriter since 1976, releasing 14 albums *recently collected into 2 box sets) from 1978 to 2009. She has served as Board member of DJBFA (Danish Composers’ Organization) 1987-2012, Board member of Koda (Danish Authors’ Rights Society = ASCAP, SOCAN etc.) 1987-2013, Vice Chair and subsequently Chair of DJBFA 2001-2012, President of CIAM (World Composers’ Organization within CISAC) 2003-2007, and Chair of the Koda Board 2011-2013. Now, in 2017, she is finally back home to music,


  1. From a Saint-Exupery quote: “Inhuman times awaken the sleeping angels” []