Video & Photo: Fans Equip Leonard Cohen To Step Into The Ring And Examine Every Inch Of You – Colmar 2009

Leonard Cohen With Boxing Gloves and Stethoscope (Colmar)

If you want a boxer
I will step into the ring for you
And if you want a doctor
I’ll examine every inch of you

From “I’m Your Man” by Leonard Cohen1

“I’m Your Man” Props

As documented in the video below, the Canadian singer-songwriter, already wearing the boxing gloves slung over his shoulder, retrieves and puts on the stethoscope.

The audience seems pleased.

Next, a stuffed monkey with a (also stuffed) banana can be seen flying toward the stage where it is nimbly fielded by the now well-equipped singer/songwriter/poet/boxer/doctor/icon.

Thanks to reader, Uli, who, accompanied by her Swiss sidekick, attended the Aug 16, 2009 Leonard Cohen Colmar Concert where she shot the stellar photo of The Poet equipped with boxing gloves, tossed on stage by Vic & Beck of the UK, and stethoscope, the perfect offering of Christine Geyer,

Update: The Colmar concert was a fun show. Also see Video: 2009 Colmar Hijinks – Leonard Cohen & Dino Play The Hat Game

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  1. The next lines in the lyrics are

    If you want a driver
    Climb inside
    Or if you want to take me for a ride
    You know you can

    Disappointingly, no one drove a car onto the stage. []

8 Replies to “Video & Photo: Fans Equip Leonard Cohen To Step Into The Ring And Examine Every Inch Of You – Colmar 2009”

  1. Christine

    YIHAAA, there it is!! Uli, you’re our hero of the day. Thank you so much for sharing the photo! It’s awesome. Now, we weren’t exaggerting, were we??? 🙂

    1. Vic & Beck

      My friend and I from London UK, threw the gloves on the stage! Couldn’t believe our luck when he bent down scooped them up and threw them over his shoulder. A then the stethoscope….a perfect moment.

          1. Puddingdale

            And nice to meet you *g*
            Yeah, somebody, send in the video. Although – as my computer hates viodeos at the moment, I won’t be able to watch it anyway. But I’ve recorded it in my heart 🙂