Leonard Cohen At The Juno Awards 1991-2017


Update: Leonard Cohen Is Artist Of The Year 2017; You Want It Darker Named Album Of Year

See Leonard Cohen Is 2017 Juno Artist Of The Year; You Want It Darker Named Album Of Year

Leonard Cohen 2017 Juno Award Nominations

  • Album of the Year: Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker
  • Artist of the Year: Leonard Cohen
  • Songwriter of the Year: Leonard Cohen “You Want It Darker,” “It Seemed the Better Way,” “Traveling Light”
  • Adult Alternative Album of the Year: Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker

2017 Juno Award Tribute To Leonard Cohen

The 2017 Juno Awards are broadcast on Sunday, April 2 on CTV. Today, the network and the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences have announced that Feist will perform a Leonard Cohen tribute at the awards show. She is set to play an “arrangement of one of Cohen’s classic songs,” according to a press release.

From Feist to Perform Leonard Cohen Tribute at 2017 Juno Awards by Matthew Strauss (Pitcjfork: 27 March 2017). Photo by Jason Persse – Flickr: Feist, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikipedia Commons

Previous Leonard Cohen Juno Awards

1991: Juno/Canadian Music Hall of Fame
1993: Male Vocalist Of The Year1
1993: Best Video2
1994: Songwriter of the Year
2013: Artist of the Year
2013: Songwriter Of The Year3
2015: Album Of The Year4

Note; In addition to these awards, Leonard Cohen has received numerous nominations

Leonard Cohen Inducted Into Canadian Music Hall Of Fame 1991

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Credit Due Department: Photo of Mr Cohen at Junos from Library and Archives Canada. Photographer: Barry Roden. Thanks to Linda Sturgess for contributions to this post.


  1. Male & Female Vocalists Of The Year are now subsumed under the title Artist Of The Year []
  2. For Closing Time, directed by Curtis Wehrfritz []
  3. For the songs “Amen”, “Going Home” and “Show Me the Place” []
  4. For Popular Problems []

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  1. Eve

    Artist of the year ! Congratulations ! But….
    Just ” like pinning a medal on Mount Everest for being the highest mountain. ”
    For me, Leonard Cohen is the Artist of a lifetime and more.