Thank-You Photo From Leonard Cohen To Penny Showalter


Penny sent Leonard a pop-up card featuring a cake for his 82nd birthday. He responded with this note and photo.

Thank you, Penny
for all the kindness you and Allan have shown me over the years
much love


13 Replies to “Thank-You Photo From Leonard Cohen To Penny Showalter”

  1. june

    It is very generous of you and Penny, Allan to share this precious photo with us. Such an intimate family moment it is too. How that dear little girl must miss her wonderful Grandad. I can’t help but notice how dreadfully thin he had already become there; it really is quite heartbreaking to behold.

  2. Elizabeth Bacon-Smith

    I know so well how deeply cherished this photo and message are to both of you, Penny and Allan. 💕💕 I can’t imagine having Leonard so intimately a part of your daily life and then being gone. 😰

  3. Ellen Ley

    Thank you Penny and Allan for this photograph. Even aged 82 and unwell he was nevertheless still gorgeous and producing exquisite work.
    All my warmest good wishes to you both

  4. Jane

    Tears, tears….
    As a grandparent, this photo is especially poignant. I’m so glad he never had to go to the hospital and that he got to die at home. We have lost a great man.

  5. Vicki Woodyard

    It is important to have these last visuals of our beloved Leonard, ill though he was. His honesty demanded nothing less. Perfectly beautiful in all ways.

  6. Irene Dyer

    Thank you for sharing your picture with us all it is beautiful to see the love between him and the child

  7. Josiane calamel

    So sad to see him that frêle . I am trying to think of him as a loved 40 years man ..but l only see him so sick .. happy so he could rest in peace at home 💐❤️😪

  8. Oscar & Babet

    Thank you Allan, Penny and DrHGuy for sharing this intimite and lovely picture with us.

  9. Thellier jérome

    Thank you Penny. This is a great photo for an old fan of Leonard. He will stay with us forever