Leonard Cohen Describes His Culinary & Musical Tastes

I can only make simple dishes. I have two grown children and they had to get something to eat, so I learned to cook. But I don’t really care for it, in contrast to Anjani, who has a well-trained palate. Also, musically, I have a very, very simple taste.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

From Mit Gedächtnisschwund kommt man schon sehr weit by Von Johannes Wächter. Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin: Issue 17: 2007, an interview with Leonard Cohen & Anjani Thomas about their connection. Quote via Google Translate. Photo Photoshopped by me to illustrate What Leonard Cohen Taught Chef Nancy Hinton About Food. Originally posted April 24, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

3 Replies to “Leonard Cohen Describes His Culinary & Musical Tastes”

  1. Joan King

    Leonard obviously brought his children up well…I wonder if the children ever went to stay with there mother for holidays, I have not seen/read anything regarding that.

    1. DrHGuy Post author

      After Leonard and Suzanne separated, the children stayed with Suzanne with Leonard coming to visit or move to be close to them. Only later did Adam and Lorca live with or near Leonard

  2. Violeta

    I’ve have tried some recipe of L.C (pastrami with liver patè,camembert with late summer figs)and the results were plenty appreciated by guests and their palate….so as we grew up with his wonderful music we can survive very well with his culinary !