Take This Waltz By Leonard Cohen – The PowerPoint Version

PowerPoint Rescues Leonard Cohen Fan – And Bob Dylan

In response to First We Take Manhattan By Leonard Cohen – The PowerPoint Version, I received this missive from handweaver:

I enjoyed your PowerPoint of First we take Manhattan.  I spend far too much time listening to “Take this Waltz;” can you possibly produce a power point of that also?  Then I might have more time for something else, like maybe Bob Dylan; I’ve neglected him sadly of late.

Now, as is true of most PowerPoint performers, DrHGuy usually doesn’t take requests. Doing so smacks of pandering, and artistes such as DrHGuy don’t cotton to that.

On the other hand, transforming “Take This Waltz” into PowerPoint did seem to be not only be an interesting challenge but also an effective means of proving that the success of  the “First We Take Manhattan” slide show wasn’t a one-time fluke.

And, of course, one does try to help out youngsters like Bobby whenever possible.

The Antiquated, Expensive, Time-consuming Conventional Performance of “Take This Waltz”

While quite nice in its own way, the live performance of this piece requires well over 5 minutes (not including the time required for band introductions on this video).

Leonard Cohen – Take This Waltz
Dublin O2: July 19, 2009
Video from albertnoonan

The Efficient, Quantifiable PowerPoint of “Take This Waltz”

In addition to the advantages previously noted in First We Take Manhattan By Leonard Cohen – The PowerPoint Version, the savings of time and expense, the reduced risk to Leonard himself from the obviation of excessive skipping, and the increased availability provided by PowerPoint, as one cannot help but appreciate the insights afforded by this format. Spotlighting the ratio of Pretty Women to Lobby Windows to Mouth Reviews (see Slide 6) alone will necessitate a complete reassessment of the traditional concept of the song’s feminist-architectural-critical dimensional nexus.

Viewing The PowerPoint Slides

For best viewing of the PowerPoint simulation, click on the image of the top left slide in the set below these instructions (titled “Take This Waltz By Leonard Cohen”).  Then proceed through the slides by moving the cursor to the middle right border of the graphic and clicking on the arrow that appears. See illustration at right.

Note: Originally posted Jun 14, 2010 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

3 Replies to “Take This Waltz By Leonard Cohen – The PowerPoint Version”

  1. MindSpin

    You have that waltz pinned and wriggling on a PowerPoint.

    Hilariously horrid, Heck (but expertly anatomized – excepting the matter of the music and the dance).

  2. Sally Schur

    A perfect illustration of the utter futility of using PowerPoint to communicate anything of significance or beauty. Thank you!