Leonard Cohen On The 1960s – He Was Not Impressed (Except With Dylan)

Except for one or two great poets like Dylan, I saw a lot that was extremely fuzzy. Then when I found out how bad the acid had been, what a bummer it really was. I started to suspect that all was not as it had been advertised. Then when I got ripped off by some people who wore boots and had long hair, I knew for certain that nothing had changed.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Quotation from Melancholy Baby by John Walsh. The Independent Magazine: May 8, 1993. Photo by Paul Townsend. Originally posted Jan 8, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

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  1. Judith Ripp

    Before posting an LC quote perhaps you
    Might ask yourself ‘What would LC do?’

    You know, much of what is printed in
    Over 20+ year old magazines is not
    Worth reprinting and certainly not quoting