Video: Claudia Rucker Performs “A Bench Above The Ocean” Inaugurating The Leonard Cohen Hydra Bench

A poem and a song  written by Claudia Rucker for the inauguration of the bench on Hydra dedicated to Leonard Cohen (see Finale Of Three-Year Saga: The Leonard Cohen 80th Birthday Bench On Hyra). Performed on Hydra by Claudia Rucker 10 June 2017.

Claudia writes:

I started composing this song in 2015 in the expectation of the bench being built by Leonard’s 80th birthday. When I heard it would be delayed,  I was very disappointed and stopped the process. When I arrived on Hydra Saturday, 3 June 2017,  I saw that the construction of the bench was in process. So, I sat down at the yellow and red house in Kamini, which offers a cool breeze and a shady place to work, to finish the song. A Greek guitar player came along the way, asked if he could help, and showed me a unique picking pattern that I integrated into the song.

Credit Due Department:Photo of house by Claudia Rucker. Photo of Claudia Rucker by Claudia Georgii.