Leonard Cohen Montreal Mural Alternative Version: “Midnight Run For Cheetos At The Local 7/11”

Alter reading Leonard Cohen Mural To Be Created At 1420 Crescent St, Montreal and realizing the graphic, which seemed a tad bland to me, in the unveiled model (below, left) did not show the actual image of Leonard Cohen that will be depicted in the mural, I felt obligated to offer more compelling alternatives. Consequently, I posted the following options:

These have garnered a certain popularity. And, all the mural alternatives have been based on well known graphics associated with specific albums – until now. Today’s alternative employs a photo Lenard sent me with the caption (by Leonard) “Midnight Run For Cheetos At The Local 7/11.” While “local” in the photo refers to his Los Angeles home, I would argue that poetic license would allow the translocation to Montreal, especially since we know that Leonard’s passion for Cheetos has been documented on site in his hometown.