Father’s Day Photo & Greeting From Leonard Cohen – 2016


Happy Father’s Day!quotedown2


Leonard sends Father’s Day greetings and this brilliant photo of himself reading to his children, Lorca & Adam (along with a kitten clutched by Adam) at their home in Hydra.

2017 Update: Leonard sent this Father’s Day photo and greeting my way at this time last year (2016). It immediately became one of my favorite shots of Leonard and his children. Now, the fact that he took the time and effort to search out and forward this photo when he was already in pain and all but incapacitated by the illness that led to his death renders this image all the more poignant and moving.

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3 Replies to “Father’s Day Photo & Greeting From Leonard Cohen – 2016”

  1. Marcia

    Out of the thousands of photos of LC that exist in cyberspace, this is my favorite. I love the extra dimension of this loving scene cradled in Marianne’s bentwood rocker . . . which has obviously seen much use through the years–note the wood stabilizing bar added across the bottom.
    I’m remembering also that beautiful early 60’s pic of Marianne nestled in her rocker . . .

  2. Belinda

    We are fortunate that there is so much of Leonard’s writing on the internet because he is such a pleasure to read and be photographed over many years. The photo above is just adorable, revealing a genuine Father with his little wonders. Happy Fathers Day Leonard and Team! 💎