Video: Joan Shelley and Will Oldham Cover Leonard Cohen’s Night Comes On – Louisville 2016

“This song is transfixing”

Joan Shelley talks about Leonard Cohen’s Night Comes On:

There’s a live performance in which Leonard Cohen introduces this song by saying “this is a song about everything.” Many of his songs feel that way. Various Positions is my favorite album, just based on the writing. The arrangements are kinda wacky, and initially it didn’t appeal to me. But I was house-painting one time and I put this on again in headphones. I ended up painting long into the night, listening over and over and over. It could have partially been the paint fumes. But this song is transfixing.

Excerpt from The Lagniappe Sessions :: Joan Shelley covers Leonard Cohen / Frank Sinatra at Aquarium Drunkard: June 9, 2017

Joan Shelley and Will Oldham – Night Comes On
Louisville Tribute to Leonard Cohen: Dec 23, 2016