Origin Of Suzanne – The CBC Video Vs Leonard Cohen’s Account

This CBC video about Leonard Cohen, Suzanne Verdal, and the song “Suzanne” does offer photos of Suzanne from the 1960s that are otherwise unavailable online and would alone justify a viewing.  The video’s focus, however, certainly varies with Leonard’s own account, and its information is, at best incomplete.

There is also a potentially (and unintentionally) misleading section. The sequence beginning with the frame below carries the legend “early ’60s” but the video clip appears to be an excerpt from the ARTE documentary “Girls in Pop Songs” shot in 2011 (see Video: Suzanne Verdal Talks About Leonard Cohen & The Song He Wrote About Her).

The screen capture below is from the same video clip and shows Suzanne Verdal in 2011 rather than in a time contemporaneous with the writing of “Suzanne.”

Made In Canada: Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne’

Note: Some browsers will not display embedded video players that are “unsecured.” If the player cannot be seen,below, view the video on the CBC site.