Photos & More: Leonard Cohen, David Blue, Gisela Martine Getty, The Heavenly Twins, & The 1979 Starwood Devo Show

Backstage photos at the 1979 Devo Starwood Show: In the shot atop this post, taken by Brad Elterman, the smiling guy wearing the Chateau Marmont Hollywood t-shirt is, of course, Leonard Cohen. The woman seated next to him is photographer Gisela Martine Getty, who was married to John Paul Getty III. David Blue, in the front dressed in white, was a singer-songwriter in the 1960s Greenwich Village folk music scene along with his friends like Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Joni Mitchell, and Tom Paxton. He was also close to Leonard Cohen. The other lads are members of Devo. The photo of Leonard Cohen & Gisela Martine Getty was taken at the same Devo show.

Leonard Does Devo

Leonard Cohen and Gisela Martine Getty

Gisela Martine Getty (née Schmidt) is a professional photographer and documentary filmmaker who was married to John Paul Getty III. Gisela Getty and Jutta Winkelmann, born in 1949 in Kassel, were “twin sisters who were seen as the “perfect embodiment of the zeitgeist” in the 1970s and 1980s.” (Visual Gallery at photokina 2010 presents: Analoge Bohème / The Twins). The twins Jutta and Gisela are shown with Dennis Hopper in this publicity shot from The Heavenly Twins,

Gisela Getty and Jutta Winkelmann were the titular stars of a film, The Heavenly Twins by Rainer Langhans und Christa Ritter. Peter Szatmary, writing in the Houston Press, notes that the movie

looks as well at the fascinating lives of these one-time members of the cultural in-crowd. At age 19, they co-direct an award-winning documentary. The ’68 revolution incites them to divorce their husbands on the same day. Jutta, searching for the inner self, turns to a mystical ex-revolutionary. Gisela, opting for the fast lane, marries Paul Getty III; when she divorces him, she splits the settlement with Jutta. Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, Dennis Hopper, Leonard Cohen, Timothy Leary, are among the commentators. [emphasis mine]

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  1. Judy Scott

    some interesting facts about David Blue:
    1) he was also very “close” with Marianne for a time and he wrote a song for her (Marianne) which appears on his 5th album “Stories”
    2) he had a heart attack while jogging (from Wikipedia: Blue died of a heart attack in December 1982 at the age of 41, while jogging in Washington Square Park in New York City.) and was rushed to Saint Vincent’s Hospital emergency room where he was treated (unsuccessfully) by Dr. Brandon Ayre, an old friend of Leonard Cohen’s from Montreal
    3) David Blue was born in 1941 his real name was Stuart David Cohen
    (sometimes it’s even less than 7 Degrees of Separation)