Google Earth Captures Leonard Cohen At Home – & Unidentified “Other Guy”

These photos fall within the “poorly kept secret” category. At least a dozen fans have forwarded these images, originally captured by Google Earth, my way. I was uncomfortable about posting these while Leonard lived at this address, but I did send him the photos late in March 2016, a time when we were exchanging items to amuse each other. In his next email, Leonard addressed the house photos in this excerpt:

Must have been a couple of years ago. Chairs have been changed. Can’t identify the other guy.

I came across that email today and realized that, since several photos of Leonard’s Los Angeles home have now been published online and since these are no longer the images displayed for Leonard’s address at Google Earth, there was little risk that posing these shots now, with the address information and links removed, would cause additional  problems – so, here they are.