Cohencentric Tops 3,000,000 Hits

I really must pay more attention to this stuff. When I checked Cohencentric’s stats this morning, I discovered that sometime in July we had passed a landmark. In the 2 years & 5 months since Cohencentric published its first post on March 7, 2015,1 this site has garnered more than 3 million unique page views.2 This count does not include Cohencentric’s affiliated YouTube videos, Facebook Page, Twitter account, or, of course, the hits garnered by Cohencentric’s predecessors, and

Given that Cohencentric has routinely offered articles featuring not only Leonard’s concerts, albums, and honors but also esoterica such as Leonard changing a single word in his lyrics, Leonard’s two or three year stint as a vegetarian, a list of 342 of Leonard’s nicknames, and alternative cover art for the You Want It Darker album, it is clear that these hits reflect the intensity of interest in Leonard Cohen evident by a huge number of fans.

Thank you.

Cohencentric Post #1: March 7, 2015

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Leonard Cohen & DrHGuy Are Back In The Cyberhood


  1. Blogs are programmed to post chronologically, the most recent posts appearing first. Because some entries from Cohencentric’s predecessors, and, have been published with their original posting dates, some posts may appear to have been published earlier than March 7, 2015. []
  2. OK, that count is a tad low; the statistical counter was dysfunctional for a couple of weeks []

4 Replies to “Cohencentric Tops 3,000,000 Hits”

  1. Alan Mawhinney

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer (DrH)Guy!
    Allan, you are part of my morning catch up with the day, every day.
    Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes for the next million.