“You shouldn’t have to wait in line to take a bath” Leonard Cohen’s Criterion For Choosing Hotels On Tour (1972)

On my last tour [1972] I had asked my management not to put me into the first-class hotels that we had been put into on my previous tours, because I felt it was just a difficult thing, to go from these luxurious hotel rooms and play for people wearing blue jeans and shirts, and we’d go back in limousines to these hotels. Not that I have any objection to either ambience, but it was the mixture of the two that I thought somehow inhospitable. Anyhow, I was really hoping to be able to find a Chelsea or a Portobello in each city, but I found unfortunately that these hotels don’t exist. So we found ourselves being into hotels where there are no bathrooms with the rooms… You shouldn’t have to wait in line to take a bath. So I ask to be upgraded again. quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Note: I guess you can push that “I find the simple life voluptuous” too far, eh?

From Leonard Cohen Looks at Himself by Danny Fields. Soho Weekly News, Vol. 1, #9. Dec 5, 1974.Thanks to Jugurtha Harchaoui, who contributed this interview. Photo by Historystuff2 (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons