Leonard Cohen’s Less Famous Plastic Raincoat


Excerpt from For Cohen, Grief Is Joy by Lynn Van Matre (Chicago Tribune: Nov 23, 1975). Thanks to Rike, who discovered and contributed the article. Note: The raincoat pictured is, as they say, an “artist’s vision” of Leonard’s plastic raincoat.

Note: OK, Leonard’s purchase of a cheap plastic raincoat as a joke doesn’t qualify as Essence Of Leonard Cohen stuff, but I am taken by the notion of Leonard covering herself in the same material my mother employed to protect her living room sofa.

2 Replies to “Leonard Cohen’s Less Famous Plastic Raincoat”

  1. Ellen Ley

    I wish I had a plastic raincoat when I sat throughout the Weybridge concert in the pouring rain! I would only have ever done this for Leonard Cohen and despite being soaked to the skin it was a joy to once again experience his live concert.

  2. A.Sukitu

    I empathize with Ellen Ley!
    Wet Weybridge is now legendary …. Rain, rain, rain and how come the raindrops were just dancing?