Leonard Cohen: Stylish Anti-Idol & “A Moody, Magnificent Son Of A Bitch”

In  Kill Your Idols: A Big Black Book Essay (Esquire, April 5, 2011), Josh Peskowitz offers, as an antidote to “a lot of men dressing like Steve McQueen circa The Great Escape, or a young Paul Newman or Marlon Brando,” the examples of men who are “anti-idols, … who took risks, developed their own style, and didn’t care two licks what other people had to say about it.”

This excerpt describes one of those anti-idols – Leonard Cohen:

Leonard Cohen, too, has a signature — a collared shirt buttoned at the throat, a double-breasted suit, and a fedora. Now, is a fedora for everybody? Certainly not. But Cohen, still a moody, magnificent son of a bitch at 76, doesn’t really care. He puts it on day after day, night after night because that’s just how he rolls.

Credit Due Department: Photo from Leonard Cohen website.

Note: Originally posted July 29, 2011 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric