Leonard Cohen On Psychotherapy, Drugs, Religion, Wine, Women, & Song

Interviewer: I asked him at the Mayflower if he’d ever tried psychotherapy …

No. But I try everything else… It was an opinion of mine, based on no research or evidence-well, evidence, yes, because I saw my friends in therapy did not look improved. I preferred to use drugs. I preferred the conventional distractions of wine, women and song. And religion. But it’s all the same. [Interviewer: When you say ‘drugs,’ do you mean something like Prozac, or the recreational kind?] Well, the recreational, the obsessional and the pharmaceutical. I’ve tried them all. I would be enthusiastically promoting any one of them if any one of those worked. [Interviewer: Well, what about the wine and women?] They’re the worst of all. quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


A summary of information about Leonard Cohen’s depression can be found at Leonard Cohen’s Depression, Its (Failed) Medical Treatment, & Its Resolution. Also see Leonard Cohen’s Psychotherapy Session.

From Look Who’s Back at 67: Gentle Leonard Cohen by Frank DiGiacomo. New York Observer: Oct 15, 2001. Originally posted Apr 29, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric