“A man that your parents would happily invite to chat over coffee” Leonard Cohen Didn’t Fit 1970s Rock Star Profile

Rike writes that Die Erotik des Zen-Mönches by Frido Hütter (Kleine Zeitung. Sept 21, 2014) offers up an anecdote about Leonard Cohen, previously unknown to her (and me), that points out one of the distinctions between Cohen and other rock stars. A summation (not a direct translation) of the story in English follows.

During a concert in the Wiener Stadthalle in the 1970s, Leonard Cohen (whose unusual appearance – for a rock star – the author describes as “a man that your parents would happily invite to chat over coffee” and who looked like a “benevolent philosophy professor”) went outside during a break in the concert to get some fresh air. When he tried to return to the hall, he was denied re-entry. When Cohen said he had to return to the stage pronto, by the official at the door told him he wasn’t falling for that. He wasn’t born yesterday – even he knew that rock stars look different… Cohen’s manager was finally able to get his star back on stage.

Credit Due Department: The illustrative photo atop this post was taken by Sam Gray at the Sept 10, 1974 Leonard Cohen Edinburgh show and is posted with his permission. All images provided by Sam Gray are copyrighted by Sam Gray with all rights reserved.

Note: Originally posted Sept 22, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric