Hear Leonard Cohen Recite A Collection Of His Poems


Leonard Cohen | Master Poems | Collection of poetry readings by Leonard Cohen | 1957-1993

From “Six Montreal Poets”, 1957 1. For Wilf and His House – Beside the Shepherd – Poem – Lovers – The Sparrows – Warning – Les Vieux – Elegy From Dunn’s Progressive Jazz Parlour, Montreal, Canada, 8th April 1958 2. Gift From “Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr Leonard Cohen”, 1965 3. Island Bulletin – Prayer for Messiah – A Kite is a Victim – Passage from “The Favourite Game” (“Here is a movie…”) – Passage from “The Favourite Game” (“The park…”) – Disguises – Passage from “The Favourite Game” (“Just beyond the green…”) – Beneath My Hands – Twelve O’Clock Chant – The Genius On Hearing a Name Long Unspoken (fragment) – Three Good Nights (fragment) – Alexander Trocchi, Public Junkie, Priez pour Nous (fragment) – Hydra 1963 (fragment) – The Only Tourist In Havana Turns His Thoughts Homeward – The Music Crept by Us

From the YM-YWHA Hotel, New York, USA, 14th February 1966 4. You All in White – For E.J.P. 5. You Have the Lovers From “Canadian Poets 1”, 1966 6. What I’m Doing Here – You Have the Lovers – Now of Sleeping – Style – Two Went to Sleep – Nothing Has Been Broken – These Heroics

From WNEW-FM, New York, USA, 28th April 1985 7. In the Eyes of Men From an unknown TV documentary 8. My Secret Life

From KCRW-FM, Los Angeles, USA, 1993 9. Poem 10. How to Speak Poetry 11. Marita 12. This is My Voice – The Only Poem 13. We Cry Out From “The United States of Poetry”, 1996 14. Democracy

From the YM-YWHA Hotel, New York, USA, 14th February 1966 15. Reading from “Beautiful Losers”

From an unknown radio program 16. My Top Ten