Leonard Cohen’s Hall Of Fame by Tim de Lisle: Intelligent Life – 2014

The Sept-Oct 2014 issue of Intelligent Life, the lifestyle sister publication to The Economist, includes a two page visual CV of Leonard Cohen written by Tim De Lisle. De Lisle is the Editor of Intelligent Life but is probably best known by Cohen fans for his classic article, Who held a gun to Leonard Cohen’s head? (The Guardian: Sept 16, 2004).  An online, larger scale version of the Intelligent Life article is accessible at Leonard Cohen’s Hall Of Fame.  The following excerpt is representative:


Kingsley Amis wrote a book called “Stanley and the Women”. If there was a book called “Leonard and the Women”, it would be a lot longer, encompassing friends, lovers, co-writers, the manager who robbed him, Janis Joplin and two Suzannes: the friend who inspired the song, and the lover (right) who bore Cohen’s children.

Adam, 41, is a singer with a touching new album, “We Go Home”. Lorca, 40, became a chef and had a child with Rufus Wainwright. On Leonard’s last world tour, she designed the merchandise, including some rather cool cufflinks.

Note: Originally posted September 6, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric