“Cohen’s career now enters its fourth phase, After the End” + Photos Of Leonard Cohen At Home

Leonard Cohen At Home: Photos By Henry Diltz

These photos taken of Leonard Cohen at his Los Angles home by Henry Diltz are offered on the occasion of the Canadian singer-songwriter’s birthday by Harvey Kubernik, author of Leonard Cohen Everybody Knows (more information about this volume in the final section of this post).

After the End By Dr James Cushing

Included in Leonard Cohen: Agency of Yes by Harvey Kubernik © 2017, a “multi-voice narrative memoir tribute to Cohen,” are observations by Dr James Cushing of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo English and Literature department that I find especially insightful:

In 2016, those of us lucky enough to have seen Cohen in concert became even luckier, but sadder, as lucky people often are. It was a dark year, filled with farewells. Leonard Cohen’s exit was neither the most shocking nor the most painful. His body was old and full of days. His songs had long been varying the theme of Farewell, and in his last tours, every concert felt like a valediction. But in 2017, his absence (for me, anyway) has become an empty space as large as the ones Bowie or Prince left behind. You Want It Darker, which illuminates that empty space, is actually much in the same spirit of Bowie’s Blackstar: a sublime farewell, but from a different tradition. Only Cohen could fuse an authentic Jewish melancholy with the elaborate merriment of European art-song and the ghost-whisper cleanliness of digital synthesizers. Cohen’s career now enters its fourth phase, After the End — the phase that Cohen’s colleagues Allen Ginsberg, Irving Layton, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin have been in for decades. Is there “previously unreleased material,” written, recorded, and/or filmed? Let us hope so. Let us also hope that university literature departments will devote more attention to Cohen’s poems and novels especially 1966’s Beautiful Losers. For me, this lyrical dream-novel of friendship and loss outdoes Kerouac’s On the Road for its joy, compassion, and vivid sense of the sacred.

Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows By Harvey Kubernik

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  1. Marcia

    Dr. James Cushing brings up a point I’ve been wondering about, too. In the New Yorker interview of last fall, LC said he had 60 poems finished and was finishing up some songs . . . I so hope we will be able to see these someday . . . sooner please.