New York Times Makes It Official: Leonard Cohen’s Final Book to Arrive in 2018


Excerpted from Leonard Cohen’s Final Book to Arrive in 2018 by John Williams (NY Times: Oct. 6, 2017)

[Leonard Cohen’s] final book, to be published posthumously next year, will simply be called “The Flame.”

Farrar, Straus and Giroux announced Friday that it would publish the collection in October 2018. It will feature Mr. Cohen’s last poems, which he selected and ordered before his death, as well as selections from his notebooks, the full lyrics from his final three albums of music, prose and illustrations.

Update: Excerpted from McClelland and Stewart news release:

Robert Kory, Leonard Cohen’s manager and Trustee of the Cohen Estate, said, “During the final months of his life, Leonard had a singular focus—completing this book taken largely from his unpublished poems and selections from his notebooks. The flame and how our culture threatened its extinction was a central concern. Though in declining health, Leonard died unexpectedly. Those of us who had the rare privilege of spending time with him during this period recognized that the flame burned bright within him to the very end. This book, finished only days before his death, reveals to all the intensity of his inner fire. “

Also see yesterday’s post: Amazon Lists The Flame “A Collection Of Leonard Cohen’s Last Poems” To Be Published Oct 4, 2018

2 Replies to “New York Times Makes It Official: Leonard Cohen’s Final Book to Arrive in 2018”

  1. Michael Morton

    I will be looking forward to getting a copy for my LC collection. Leonard changed and embellished so many lives, mine among them. My deceased wife and I went to one of his last concerts and it was beyond amazing. So full of life and love. Every song was met by a fully concert standing ovation of crying, with joy people of all ages. Many very young people too, which was encouraging. When Leonard finished “If It Be Your Will” for several seconds there was just total silence, then wild clapping, yelling and cheering. It was a very sacred moment for sure. WE all love Leonard. You made a reall difference in the world Leonard, so we thank you Mr Cohen!

    Love and respect, Michael
    just a unpublished little poet and story teller who works as a mental health therapist, quoting LC very frequently to my clients.