Looking For The Best Song Referencing Leonard Cohen: Valley Boy By Wolf Parade

 is a Cohencentric series featuring a few of the many tunes alluding to Leonard Cohen. While most of the songs already posted in this category have been about Leonard Cohen and others name-check the Canadian singer-songwriter, today’s selection is the first entry to be directly inspired by Leonard’s death. Valley Boy is the first single from Cry Cry Cry, the fourth album by Wolf Parade, the quintessential Montreal indie rock band. According to the press release:

“Valley Boy,” a Bowie-inflected anthem for which Spencer [Krug] wrote lyrics after Leonard Cohen died the day before the 2016 election (“The radio’s been playing all your songs, talking about the way you slipped away up the stairs, did you know that it was all gonna go wrong?”).

Lines from the song allude to Leonard (and Marianne) as well:

So you finally became that bird on that wire

Calling all the angels, we must have an intervention
The land and the air and Marianne are in contention
The land wants the tongue and the air wants the spirit
But it’s all inside the heart and Marianne won’t let them near it