Leonard Cohen Reference In Historia Do Cerco De Lisboa By Jose Saramago

Joao Miguel Figueiredo Silva, best known to fans as “that guy who uploads all those Leonard Cohen bootlegs to his YouTube channel,” writes

I just discovered a curious passage about Leonard Cohen in ‘History of the Siege of Lisbon’ (‘Historia do Cerco de Lisboa’), a 1989 novel by Jose Saramago, Portugal’s 1998 Nobel Literature laureate. Here’s the link to the full story, the Portuguese quote, and the radio program on that entry (in Portuguese).

The excerpt from the novel follows [via Google Translate]:

Now a man appears alone, he must be singing, although his lips move, the couplet said Leonard Cohen, and the image looks at Raimundo Silva insistently, the movements of the mouth articulate a question, Why do not you listen to me, man alone, and certainly adds, Hear me now because then it will be too late, after a video clip comes another, do not repeat, this is not a record you can do back a thousand and one times, it is possible that I come back, but I do not know when and maybe you are not here right now, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Raimundo Silva leaned forward, opened the sound, Leonard Cohen’s gesture was as if he was grateful, now he could sing, and sang, said the things that says who lived and wonders how much and for what, who loved and wonders to whom and why, and, having asked the questions, everyone finds himself unanswered, only one who is, is the opposite of the one who once said that the answers are all there and that we no longer have to learn to ask the questions. When Cohen fell silent, Raimundo Silva cut the sound again, and soon afterwards he disconnected himself from the whole apparatus.