Hear Sigrid’s Cover Of Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows From Opening Credits Of The Justice League Soundtrack

Sigrid’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows establishes the bleak situation facing the superheros of Justice League:

The film opens with cellphone footage of some kids peppering Superman with questions. “What’s the best thing about planet Earth?” one asks. Superman cracks a smile, and thinks about it — and the movie cuts to black. The early passages bask in that bleak uncertainty. With the Man of Steel seemingly no more, society has begun to dissolve. Norwegian singer Sigrid’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” plays on the soundtrack (“Everybody knows that the war is over/Everybody knows the good guys lost” — yes, yes, it’s yet another droning cover of a classic pop song used to add weight to Hollywood piffle, but this one actually works).

From Spoiler: Justice League Is Fleet and Fun, Even With the Emo Gloom by Bilge Ebiri (Dallas Observer: November 15, 2017)