Leonard Cohen Differentiates Between Songs and Poems

There is a form of expression I call verse, which I do on the page, and it bears no relationship to my guitar. There’s another form that I call song, that I write on the guitar because the words are usually suggested by a modulation of chords.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen: Thoughts Of A Ladies’ Man by Elizabeth M. Thomson. 1979 interview reposted to FolkTracks: Jan 12, 2017.  The illustrative photo atop this post was taken by Sam Gray at the Sept 10, 1974 Leonard Cohen Edinburgh show and is posted with his permission. All images provided by Sam Gray are copyrighted by Sam Gray with all rights reserved.

One Reply to “Leonard Cohen Differentiates Between Songs and Poems”

  1. Violeta

    Don’t forget,L.Cohen was a complete songwriter!Write the poems and be able to put them on the modulated chords is not the same thing🤔