Leonard Cohen Outs Himself As “A Rapacious, Gimlet-Eyed Pop Monster”

Dan Cairns: If you look back, and I’m not suggesting you do, but if you were to, are there moments in your life as a writer and musician that would be harder/more uncomfortable to have to remember than others? I’m thinking in terms of recordings, or decisions, you later regretted; or moments that, at this distance, could seem questionable in terms of motives? For instance, I don’t ever read much about your ambition, yet it must have been part of the picture, and created some blurred lines on occasion. I’m not expecting you to out yourself as having been a rapacious, gimlet-eyed pop monster, I’m just wondering if there are things that might, now, make you go: ‘Oh my.’

No you got it right Dan. I am a rapacious gimlet-eyed pop monsterquotedown2

Leonard Cohen

From the Dan Cairns – Sunday Times Culture questionnaire Leonard Cohen sent me Oct 17, 2016. While portions of that questionnaire were incorporated into Leonard Cohen: Hey, that’s some way to say goodbye by Dan Cairns (The Sunday Times: October 23 2016), this specific response was not used.

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  1. Violeta

    I always thought that L.Cohen was the less mysterious man in this world . This because he was a big skeptic, but at a certain moment you don’t catch him anymore , he gave you the sensation do not belong at this world, the interview with Mr Cairns is only an example.What a lucky country Canada to have such a skeptic.