Mapping Locations In Leonard Cohen Song Lyrics

Leonard Cohen Lyrical Map

It turns out that the most frequently referenced locations in Leonard Cohen songs are New York City (not including locations within NYC such as Clinton Street) and Tennessee (each mentioned in four songs). Babylon is featured in three songs. Other map points include Phoenix, Saigon, Valley Forge, and Point Koomahnah (now Point Cumana, Trinidad).

Cohencentric’s Leonard Cohen Lyrical Map marks these and all locations referenced in Leonard Cohen songs.1 Clicking on a map marker reveals the pertinent excerpt from the lyrics, the song title, the album on which it was released, a link to the complete lyrics, and and a link to a video of the song (when available).

More Music Maps

Fans with a musico-geographic predilection may also be interested in the analogous Bob Dylan’s World  and the Tom Waits Map, which identify the locations in the songs of these artists.


  1. While the research for the planned next phase of the Leonard Cohen Lyrical Map, the mapping of locations in Cohen’s poetry, has proceeded, technical problems in displaying the results  have indefinitely deferred completion. []