Video: Betty Vercauteren Meets Leonard Cohen & Roscoe Beck – 2012

Betty Vercauteren’s slideshow of her memories of meeting Leonard Cohen and Roscoe Beck  during the 2012 Tour includes elements from at least half of the DrHGuy headings:

  • A Leonard Cohen performance (I Can’t Forget soundtrack)
  • Leonard Cohen On Tattoos (see screenshot above)
  • Kissing Cohen
  • Leonard Cohen Memorabilia (Lanyards, T-shirts, Poster)
  • Leonard Cohen Bracelets (Saint’s Bracelet)
  • Shades of Leonard Cohen
  • Hats of Leonard Cohen
  • Meeting Leonard Cohen
  • Leonard Cohen Autographs
  • Drinking With Leonard Cohen (with Mr Beck serving as proxy for Mr Cohen)

I Can’t Forget
Video by Betty Vercauteren

Note: Originally posted February 6, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

2 Replies to “Video: Betty Vercauteren Meets Leonard Cohen & Roscoe Beck – 2012”

  1. Joan King

    Wonderful memories Betty must hold close to her heart, meeting Leonard and members of his truly brilliant band.

  2. Elizabeth Bacon-Smith

    This video is lovely, Betty. I’m so happy for you with these experiences forever in your memory.
    Lizzie xxx